Some of Our Current Standard Fabrics. Check out our

Deluxe Sandman Fabric Categories also

We are currently having a major update of our Standard and Deluxe Fabrics

Regular Fabrics are these available here and used for Trial packs and general Customs. They are cheaper to have made into nappies than our Deluxe and Rare fabrics. For example buying 3 regular fabric large Sandmans incurs a 10% discount which shows up in the cart. Deluxe Fabrics are available as stock items when available or Custom items in the Deluxe Sandman Custom section.   Deluxe and Regular Fabrics are updated as new fabrics become available.  Click here to order your Standard Day/Night Patterned Sandmans (Day use without a cover, Night use with one) 

We also make up your own fabrics. Email regarding this option.

Having said all this, If you can’t see what you want just ask. This is just a fraction of what fabrics I actually have so email if you have seen a nappy previously on FB or Instagram made from a fabric you like to see whether I  still have it in stock. I am a hoarder so I may well still have some, or may be able to get some more. I’m always happy to oblige if I can,  Cheers Michelle xx

Some of Our Current Regular Fabrics. Check out our

          Deluxe Sandman Fabric categories also