SHP General Wool info – Wool is amazing as a Cloth Nappy accessory. It the only cover that absorbs as well as waterproofs It is very resilient – it can be bent and stretched over 30,000 times and still not damage or break. This natural elasticity allows it to be stretched as much as 1/3 of its length and still snap back into shape. Its complex cellular structure allows it to absorb moisture between the cells, up to 30% of it’s weight and and wick it into the air so the wee is not all collecting inside a plastic cover. It still gives the feeling of being dry, yet it repels water. Wool has the unique ability to act as an insulator. It helps keep the body at an even temperature and does not conduct heat. This means that during hot or cold weather it will keep baby at a constant temperature, a huge benefit to preventing heat rashes in Summer. This is due to the small pockets of air formed by the fibers of the fabric. It also repels dirt.
Lanolin is also a key feature to the effectiveness of wool covers. The lanolin coats the wool, making it water resistant. Amazingly, the natural lanolin in wool and the added lanolin by lanolising, also neutralises and deodorises urine so wool covers need be washed only every few weeks or when they start to retain odour, become less efficient or become soiled. Hang out on a rack to air each morning if used for nights. We advocate using solid lanolin which we sell but also Lansinoh nipple cream available from most pharmacies also does the trick. Our lanolin works out cheaper but is the same therapeutic grade as Lansinoh. There are other lanolising products on the market but they are not as thorough as the soak method especially important for peak performance especially at night and for heavy wetters.

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