Our Day Nappies comprise of all natural Newborn -Infant Preflats,  Bamboo Velour Lushies and Small Patterned and Heavy Wetter Sandmans for babies up to 6 months of  age which can be found in the Cloth from Birth Category.

For babies older than 3 months of age we make  Patterned Sandmans which can be used as Day nappies without a cover and Night nappies with one.  This makes them very versatile.

There is an overlap in all of the sizing.

Medium patterned Sandmans fit from approx 3-4 months of age onwards

Large sizing fit from approx 9 months or age and or 9kg until toilet trained unless outside of the normal percentiles.

I often have stock that aren’t on the website so just ask if you would like to see what’s available.  If you don’t see a pattern on the fabric page, I have hundreds of fabrics so just ask about others you have seen on socials or other themes you like- eg Florals, Characters, May Gibbs, or anything really.  We also make up your fabrics.

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