To make the decision to use, or change to Natural Fibre Bamboo/Organic Cotton/ Modern Cloth Nappies easier, these items and packs include our 3 Award winning Nappies that fit from birth. Our small “Daysies” that fit from birth to approx 5-6 months approx, our lushious  0-6 month sooooh soft bamboo velour “Lushies” and our super soft and stretchy  newborn-infant Prefolds that also fit to approx 6 months. The packs also include  recommended accessories including –  Snappis, Universal bamboo boosters, Wool soakers, Lanolin and Breastpads. More condensed general information is available on request or in the individual products.  I don’t want to overload you here.

Be assured, you are caring for your baby and the environment by taking this leap of faith and grabbing the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to the health and well-being of them both by using the most natural products available on the market- Something we are extremely proud of. Why use synthetics when Mother Nature has it all organised and it is an easy care system.

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