To make the decision to use, or change to Natural Fibre Bamboo/Organic Cotton/ Modern Cloth Nappies easier, these Cloth from birth items  include our 3 Award winning Nappies that fit from birth.

Our small size all natural, no synthetic “Daysies” that fit from birth to approx 5-6 months approx that can have any of our gorgeous prints as outers or just plain bamboo,

Our lushious  0-6 month sooooh soft bamboo velour “Lushies” and our

Patterned Sandmans that can be used as both a day or night nappy that also fit to approx 6 months.

Recommended accessories including –  Snappis, Universal bamboo boosters, Wool soakers, Lanolin and Breastpads. More condensed general information is available on request or in the individual products.  I don’t want to overload you here.   Fill out the sizing form if you are having a baby and one of the choices is Cloth from Birth and I’ll send out some info.

Be assured, you are caring for your baby and the environment by taking this leap of faith and grabbing the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to the health and well-being of them both by using the most natural products available on the market- Something we are extremely proud of. Why use synthetics when Mother Nature has it all organised and it is an easy care system.

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