Breastpads for Nursing Mums

As mothers` breasts are the place where baby spends much of it`s early life, they should be cared for with the most natural products that facilitate comfort, hygiene through the antibacterial properties of bamboo, and absorbency. Breathability also is another benefit. Breastpads should be changed regularly to minimise external bacteria growth. Breastmilk once exposed externally, is a  good medium for growing bacteria. I recommend at least 6 pairs  and to leave no longer than 4 hours during the day and changing at each feed at night.

Look no further than our range of natural breastpads. We don’t use any synthetic fabrics in our breastpads. The differences between the choices are based on texture and absorbency.

If you have extremely heavy flow or require larger sizing than 11 cm diameter please contact us as we custom make to requirements. If heavy flow at night consider using two on top of each other to double the absorbency. If heavy during the day change frequently.

There is a discount for quantity purchasing

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