0-6 Month Bamboo Velour Fitted Lushies


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Our Lushies are as they suggest- Luscious, made from the softest Bamboo / Organic Cotton Velour.  These are the softest nappies available on the market. If I was a baby I would demand them for my bottom. Lushies are made with all the benefits of natural fibres including no synthetic textiles, excellent breathabilty, superior absorbency and are eco-friendly, quick-drying and comfortable.

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Our Award winning 0-6 month Bamboo Velour nappies “Lushies” have to be the best start to a babies life when it comes to cloth nappies as they are the softest nappies on the market that fit from birth Your newborn deserves no less. They are of the softest natural fabric of Bamboo/Organic Cotton Velour and if you have never seen or felt it you cannot believe how incredibly soft it is.

Lushies fits babies from newborn to approx 6 months. Wool soakers (covers) compliment the Lushies and this combination is the most natural and absorbent nappying system available which can be also be used for nights in the first few months with extra boosting and the addition of a stay dry liner although our Dedicated Sandman Night nappies are more absorbent and have stay dry layers sewn in.