A Budget Must Have- Undyed Newborn Preflat


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Fit- 0-6 months approx. These Undyed Newborn- Infant stretchy Bamboo/Organic Cotton preflats  mould to bubs shape providing a great fit. Our boosters are designed to be the right size for our preflats.  Our mini boosters can be added during the newborn stage.

Extra boosting for absorbency can be added as required as bub moves from the newborn stage and we recommend adding one of our universal size booster placed down the middle when bub is a little bigger or even 2 extra boosters. Absorbency and the fabric against bubs skin can be tailored with our 4 combinations to choose from. These boosters are highly recommended as bubs will continue to wee more as they grow rapidly during these early months.  CLICK HERE to see Universal Booster options.

You will also need a snappi fastener which we sell. A small size hand-knitted SHP wool cover completes this most natural and simple of all newborn nappy systems. You can use without a cover in Summer or other forms of synthetic covers that we don’t advocate.  Fill out our sizing and info form HERE for more info on our cloth from birth products including woollies. You will also receive info on how to use the preflats.

They can also be recycled into absorbency boosters in our larger nappies when they become too small for your little one. They are also easy to dry.

Preflats are a symbol of sustainablity with economy and a little reminder of the pioneering ways of our mothers (the regular square terry flats) with the luxury of our modern day water saving washing machines that make life much easier.

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