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This NB-Small Sandman can be used as both a day nappy without a cover or a night nappy with one and there is room for extra inserts if required to increase absorbency.  When newborns digestive tracts start settling they eventually start to sleep more but also tend to wee more with the rapid growth and the intake needed. The Sandman provides a level of comfort (they are as soft as our larger sized Sandman nappies) and absorbency required. Absorbency and what type of booster fabric you want against their skin can be tailored via any of our range of universal boosters that will help them sleep longer feeling dry and comfortable . Which means you get more sleep.  Woohoo. A Win-Win as who needs sleep deprivation.  NB-Small fits from Birth to approx 6 months or 8 kg although build is a better indication of how long it will fit.  More info on both our patterned and heavy wetter Sandmans in their categories.

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Grab a matching singlet for Summer Just let me know what size- 0-3 months or 3-6 months

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