PREORDER Deluxe Aboriginal Art Patterned Sandman Night/Day Rainbow Snake in Black by Peggy Martin


This Gorgeous fabric is one of quite a few I will continue to offer to acknowledge the intertwined art and culture of the first Australian people and the close connection to country.

Dreamtime:The Rainbow Snake is a common motif in Aboriginal arts in Australia. Dreamtime stories tell of the great spirits during creation, in animal and human form they moulded the barren and featureless earth. The Rainbow Snake came from beneath the ground and created huge ridges, mountains and gorges as it pushed upward. There are numerous stories associated with the snake, all of which communicate the significance and power of this being within Aboriginal traditions. The snake comes in male and female form. Yingarna, the female, is the original mother of creation, and her son Ngalyod is the great transformer of Land. The Rainbow Snake is one of the oldest religious symbols of Aboriginal Culture.


Wait time currently is approx 7-10 days

Patterned Sandmans are the quiet, pretty achievers in the SHP stable of nappies. A nappy you know that won’t let you down. More info below.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  •  A day nappy without a cover- a great nappy for heavy day wetters – you can remove the mini booster for less bulk if you need too.
  • A day sleep nappy without a cover.
  • A trip to the shops nappy without a cover.
  • A night nappy for lighter wetters with a cover and with extra boosting if required- depends on the age of the bub and how much they wee as to whether you need to boost or not. I always suggest prepare for worst case scenario and add an extra booster.

I am able to help you determine whether your baby is a heavy wetter or not by a few simple questions and also I can help you with sizing issues prior to purchase with the sizing and absorbency check form . The secret to successful night nappying is the ability to start with an absorbent nappy and the ability to add more absorbency if required without too much trial and error.

We also make available as stock some Rare and Deluxe Prints from time to time such as Beatrix Potter, Bambi, Winnie The Pooh…… Who said Cloth Nappying Couldn’t be Couture!

Approx Sizing

Medium- 4-8kg approx or from 3-4 months approx. We can add extra rise for tall slim babies.
Large- 7.5- 15kg approx or from 7-8 months approx (A very wide size range because the booster takes up inner space on smaller bubs. We can add extra rise for tall babies)
Extra large- Over 15 kg approx and bubs who are very chubby. We can add extra rise for tall babies.

Additional Information
Weight 288 g
Dimensions 24 x 19 x 7 cm
Sizing Options

Standard Medium, Standard Large, Standard Extra Large, Custom Medium with Extra Rise, Custom Large with Extra Rise, Custom Extra Large with Extra Rise